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Remarks from the chairman

     Since the signing of the first franchise contract on the waste treatment service in the BOT commercial operating method, the DYNAGREEN group taking the upgrading of the living environment for people as its duty. The group has been devoted to exploring the engineering method and technologies to reduce pollution incurred by the waste in an effort to achieve the comprehensive utilization of the waste by adopting the state-of-art technology to minimize the pollution in the process of waste treatment.
     Nowadays, Developing the green and low carbon economy has become an international trend, many most developed economies, The western developed countries have clearly set the development of green and low carbon economy as the peak of a new round industrial development.

        China is going to take the chance of the green revolution to realize the successful transfer of the socio-economy mode. A series of plan laid out by the State on the industry adjustment and rejuvenating regards the development of recycling economy, and fostering strategically emerging industries including energy preservation and environment protection industries as the most important steps to the industry upgrading and restructuring. Waste incineration and power generation industry covers three major fields involving urban infrastructure construction, environmental protection, and new energy, which have entered into unprecedented development stage. Facing the new historical opportunities for development, the DYNAGREEEN will made full play to its advantages in the market exploration, technical development, project construction, and operation management, as well as the advantages learned from its shareholder in the strategic management, investment ,financing, and assets operation., bring the project scale into full play, and promote the technology innovation and development. Aiming at becoming the leading enterprise in the field of waste treatment, DYNAGREEEN is committed to contributing more to Chinas construction of a conservation-orientated and environment-friendly society.



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